Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hey All.
Whilst I already have a blog over on LJ, I decided it was high time I actually created something over here on Blogger, since I'm following a bunch of blogs here, either via the blog roll on my google account, or via bookmarks, and so it seems to be where the artz peeps hang out.

The main draw back right now is that I don't have very much that's new to show. I'm a couple of months into what I hope will be a career defining project which is understandably wrapped in a tight blanket of secrecy. Luckily I do have a fairly high turnover of other things too, so hopefully some of them will be replacing this very boring piece of text as soon as.

Meanwhile here's a picture of a monster.

And here's an image from a long term project I've been working on called The Gentleman Cannibal.

Both images as I sure you understand Gentle Reader are (c)2009 Jon Hodgson.

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