Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Post The Third

Hey all,
Frenzied work and crazy personal life roller coaster means new posts in this neck of the woods are sporadic. But I'm doing my best!

The cover for a role playing games supplent, Friends of Foes. This book will provide extra material for the recently reissued classic Brit rpg Dragon Warriors.

I had a mare with the palette on this one. Which is pretty funny when it turned out in my usual earth tones. But I came to that predictable conclusion via a very different route than normal, so I felt some progress was made! And that grey green is pretty different for me, and for added otherworldly atmospherics the whole scene being in quite unnatural colours. Local colour out the window!

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(C)2009 Jon Hodgson and Magnum Opus Press

To see it bigger have a bit of a click on this one:

This is the sixth or seventh cover (I lose count!) I've provided for Dragon Warriors, and a narrative is building surrounding several iconic characters. In this scene we see our heroes after a dismal defeat that occured in this one: http://JonHodgson.deviantart.com/art/Dragon-Warriors-Bestiary-99496884

A mysterious female knight has resuced/captured our iconic knight (he laid over the mule back there) and now our barabrian chum is negotiating his release in his own inimitable fashion... Meanwhile the locals get busy earning a crust off the rich adventurers.

This one was made with ArtRage, Painter and Foatyshop.

Thanks for looking!

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