Thursday, 7 January 2010

Digital Artist 2

Hey All.
Back to work at a sprint, so my planned review of 2009 has been summarily shoved onto a back burner. Ever onwards! Hopefully I'll get a chance to write it up sometime. Hey just whilst I'm typing, here's a thought. I read in Chris Burdett's excellent article about when he started to get serious about making a career in art, that an AD had told him that if an artist didn't update their blog regularly they took that as a sign they were not working. Funnily enough I don't get time to do as much self promo as I would like, since I'm working constantly. And everything is generally under NDA for at least a couple of months, if not 12 to 18. Go figure. Seemed worth mentioning in relation to not getting as much blogging done as I'd like!

So back to the point. Issue 02 of Digital Artist is out and about, featuring a little interview with yours truly about ArtRage, and a bunch of my artwork. Go get it.

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  1. sweeeeeeeeeeet!

    that is a very serious photo!

  2. I will try to grab that magazine and read your wise words Jon!
    Row's correct

  3. As you both know I am a very serious person indeed.

  4. hurrah!
    I will also try to find this and read your wise words!

  5. Congrats! Off to the bookstore it seems for me!

  6. Just to remind folks - my interview is a tiny wee thing - just that side bar in the pic. Don't want to build my part up! Several nice repro'd pics of mine though.

    Tell you something else, the free brushes that come with it are great, and came at a really handy time for this film poster I'm doing. They are handily licensed for commercial work as well as the usual hobby license.

    Cheers guys!