Monday, 22 February 2010

The Owlbear saga begins...

So some of my work was featured in the Paizo blog:

Check out this first image from a series of Owlbear paintings I've been making for Paizo:

Image Hosted by

I very much enjoyed reading all the comments over there, since I know what happens next!
Click through to the Paizo blog and click the image there to see it superbig.


  1. Oh man, those textures are just gorgeous. :)

  2. Very nifty, good sir! Now, the question is, how much Rage was used in this piece...? :P

  3. Impressive, impressive! Your art is ALWAYS so evocative! I can imagine myself in the dark woods you portrayed here... The fantasy you makes true in your works is exactly the one I got in my heart... :D

  4. Hey guys!

    Thanks Chelsea!

    Mu - quite a lot of teh aRage in this one. I think this spelled a bit of a turning point for me in being able (in terms relative to my work) to use aR for more detail than before, thus elevating it to alpha program in the pack of software packages I have on offer... (what?)

    Honey - thank you! What a kind thing to say. I feel all happy now.

  5. Very cool! Love the forest.

    I could see your paintings being in a fantasy book of sorts- great stuff!

  6. Thanks Dietrix!
    My work is all in fantasy books!