Thursday, 12 August 2010

Artrage video

I made another abstract(ish) piece, but recorded it this time. Watch the video on YouTube.


  1. Brilliant! I must admit, I'm completely unfamiliar with Artrage. As someone who learned to paint in Acrylics w/ airbrush, brush, and colored pencils (I owe a huge debt to Dave DeVries) the stencils really caught my eye. Any chance of a how-to/intro to Artrage vid from you?

  2. Cheers Ben - sounds like a good idea too. I'll see what I can do.

    Stay tuned to my channel on youtube because as soon as I get clearance I have an hour or so's worth of walkthrough videos for one LOTR piece, which uses a lot of ArtRage, with no accelerated time, and a full voice over.

  3. I loved watching you paint this! All of your choices seemed very purposeful, but I suppose that could have been due to some crafty editing. ;) Are those stencil tools new in ArtRage? They look like a lot of fun.

  4. Thanks Chelsea - the video running at 800% speed does make it look a lot more purposeful! Plus this image is similar to the previous one I had made, so I had some clear ideas of what I wanted this one to be, which helped a lot!

    I think stencils are new to ArtRage 3, though versions do all start to get blurred in my tiny brain. Certainly they are a really cool feature. Something I love about ArtRage is how just a couple of variables interact. The stencils add in another layer of variation - so stencils with thick oils work one way, then another when you use tons of thinners. Love it!