Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Most frightfully busy

So between being art director at Cubicle 7 (which I'm really enjoying btw, and feel we're doing some really good work), working on art for stuff like The One Ring, and upcoming Facebook game Battle of Azuran I haven't had much time to post on my blog.

Here's my current favourite piece I've done for Azuran - a thug captain:
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(c)2010 Project Quest Ltd

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Catch you later!


  1. Looks great! Another piece I'll nick for my Dragon Warriors campaign.
    Speaking of which...when are we going to get some more DW releases? I know In from the Cold and the Players book are slated, but anything else? Are they even still a go?

  2. Honestly I have no clue. In From the Cold is almost there I believe. Drop MOP a line, they'll have the deep scoop.

    Cheers, glad you like the dude in the hat!