Monday, 23 November 2009

A bit of fun!

Gosh it's been a busy old time! As a reminder if you're desperate to keep up with what I'm up to week to week I have a Facebook page here:

So here's a fresh(ish) one I can show straight off the bat. I was asked by the fine folks over at Ordo Draconis mag if I would consider reworking an image for them to use on their next cover. I found some time over the weekend to finally finish up alterations from this:

to this:
Image Hosted by

This is a feature I really love about owning the rights to some of my work these days. I can customise this stuff as much as I like. And I'm slowly improving the background and so on every time I go back to it.


  1. oo the lighting in the revised version is great!
    seems much more focused and directs the eye
    quite like this colour palette too.

  2. Dear Jon, I am just fallen in love with your fantasy art. It's so moody, so well done, so refined... It is not only perfect for Dragon Warriors (and yes, I love it), but also for all my fantasy dreams.
    There is a dwarf on the first version of this work? Oh, how lovely!