Monday, 30 November 2009

Dragonmeet Report

So I'm back from London and Dragonmeet, and trying to get back into the swing of work.

The convention was as much fun as expected - that is to say "a lot". I gather footfall was lower than last year, but I couldn't say I noticed a pronounced difference. Not that I was went looking for one.

Travel was easy, as my old school friend Stuart was kind enough to put me up and even drive me across town to the show. Mega-Kudos to him, since I was able to stroll in to the hall in good time, completely un-hassled. Which was a boon. Of course the train journey from Scotland to London was a chore, but with plenty of good books and some films on the ipod I was fine. Seemed to go quicker than last year.

Sales of prints were good, though (as ever) not the stuff I personally thought would sell. Some really busy flurries of sales, which is always nice. Interest in my art-book was high, and I wish I could have carried a few more copies down with me. However carrying any amount of paper products soon racks up the weight, and I've made the mistake of taking too much stuff before and lived to regret it! Financially, despite reports to the contrary from some of the other traders it was well worth my time to make the trip. Which was a relief!

Had a good old laugh being half of the guest artist section with Linda Pitman, who is always very friendly and easy to get on with. This year I did my utmost to stay put behind my stall, as I felt somewhat guilty last year having been taken out to lunch by Magnum Opus Press, and then couldn't sit still! This year however I behaved myself and enjoyed it just as much as a boozy lunch in Kensington.

It was a curious experience meeting people from Deviantart, or listeners to the Ninja Mountain Podcast in the flesh. They feel like they know me, and of course I don't know them very much, if at all. All nice chaps and chappesses though.

I singularly failed to chat to Erik Mona, despite setting out to do just that, and catching sight of him on several occasions. Cons are always busy for the publisher guests, and I didn't want to interrupt his conversations with the gamers. Still frustrated I didn't catch him just to say "hi" in person.

Did meet Jeff Richard from Moon Design, and was impressed by his passion and clear dedication to what they are doing. Nice chap.

There's a whole bunch of people I know online who it was good to see face to face. The Collective Endeavour chaps, Angus and Dom from Cubicle 7, Jonny Nexus, Warren, Darran, Jim from Postmortem... couple of gents from teh Scottish scene who I haven't had a drink with in far too long - the indubitable Gregor Hutton and John Wilson. Lunacy to see them so far from home. Note to self: get out more.

Big thanks to Angus Abranson for the invitation and looking after me so well.


  1. Sounds good Jon, I was planning to be there, but my dodgy knee put paid to that. (having to go under the knife to get it sorted.)

    Looking forward to being there next year though!

  2. *sigh*

    These cons...One day I'll go to one I hope.

    What about the big announcement, did it happen? ;)

  3. I was hoping to talk to you, too! I was indeed busy as hell until about 5:00, but I would have loved to have had a chat. Oh, well. Any chance you'll be at Gen Con Indy?

    --Erik Mona

  4. Hey David - hope your knee is ok! Missed seeing you. Like you say - next year!

    Jan - there was no big announcement. Get a minor lottery win, come to London next year!

    Erik - hey Erik. I did just catch sight of you clearly heading from one game or seminar to another! I really want to get to Indy, but that is largely dependant on my art book sales. If things go well I might get across. About bloomin' time I did really!