Tuesday, 15 December 2009

ArtRage 3 sketches.

Just a mini post today. ArtRage 3 came out yesterday/today and I've just downloaded it and had a play. I hooked up with some other UK illustrators - Scott Purdy and Andy Hepworth to record a chat whilst we opened our AR3 boxes, and compared notes on the new edition of the art software people either love or hate. Should form part of a NM podcast at some point soon.

Here's a couple of little studies I made with the new version:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nothing too earth shattering, but I thought my fellow AR fans might like to see. If you have any questions about 3 drop me a comment and I'll do my best to answer.


  1. Oh, very pretty! I just love the textures you can get with that program. :)

  2. Hmmm, seeing this makes me think I should reconsider my soulless Photoshop (and Painter) monkey ways...

  3. Go Jonny!Embrace Artrage three as you would a willing young woman!:)

  4. What's the main differences and changes at a glance?

  5. Cheers guys!

    ATOM - We recorded a NM segment on this precise topic couple of days back, so watch out for that. However, there are more tools, but without adding "fluff" if you like. Each tool now has presets which allow for very quick variations - so a thick oil, a thin oil, a dark pencil, a fine pencil and so on.

    I really like the UI, which is very clean, and very customisable. The canvas positioner tool is an especially nice addition which we will discuss on the show.

    Hot news is new colour pickers, and the ability to resize your picker. I have one that is the best of PS's and Painters, expanded to a nice big size. Great stuff.

    I haven't had a chance to get really into it yet, but I'm very happy so far. All the best bits kept, new best bits added.

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  7. Andy? ;)

    Glad you liked the book! I saw you'd posted your barbarian on the Nm blog. It's a toughie to get crit on, since it's such a specific excercise, without background to speak of, dynamic pose, nor direct lighting. But you have to start somewhere!

    How do you find working to another/someone else's process? I know I found it VERY weird breaking things down step by step and not using my usual working shortcuts.

  8. Righty ho!Thanks Jon,its on my Christmas list.

    Great Artbook by the way,I finished the first Barbarian Tutorial.Thanks, its taught me quite a bit.Hope its selling well my friend!


  9. I only had 3 hours sleep last night!Thats my excuse.I just noticed and was amending it......

  10. I soak it all up!I have tons of digital tutorials, but none that take your approach and replicate traditional media.It works both ways because traditional painters can follow your art book as well as digital artists rendering in your traditional style.I'm only painting and using digital art software a year or so.I spent so much time pencilling and inking, and never painting....up until a few months ago I did not even think underpainting was necessary...he he!I always painted using thick opaque paints, which really look bad.I'm looking forward to trying Artrage 3 out with the next Hodgson tutorial.
    How do you create those spiffy watercolour & splat effect washes digitally? I spent ages messing about to get a half decent effect.
    (I stead up all night drawing & inking a piece for Pied Piper Publications)....yawn!:)

  11. The secret to those water coloury things is to use... watercolour or acrylic and scan it! :) Those are the real media bits.

    Gad you're enjoying it, and hope you get some rest! :)

    I'm having a blast with AR3.

  12. Your very right, its nigh on impossible to replicate those rudamentary paint washes & splats digitally.Its going to be done that way in future.Do you re-use your favourite washes?
    I suppose you could lay down the earthy tones and create a back wash template for future use?
    Or am I inherently lazy?:)

  13. I always liked how the textures in the paint worked with artrage. I like mixing that program up with photoshop or painter sometimes. Listening to that NM podcast it sounds like they did a good job with the newer version.