Thursday, 3 December 2009

DSA Shaman

Hey all! An image I completed last week for my friends over at Ulisses Spiele for Das Schwarze Auge:

***Images removed after polite request from client after change in plan from the marketing dept****


  1. Man, the way you paint grass just kills me. :)

  2. In a good way I hope! Anything I can help with?

  3. I like what you do in Artrage Jon and the limited colour pallet really suits your style.
    You do realise with the release of your artbook,
    everyone will be painting Hodgson style in Artrage!:)

  4. Or will be trying to! :)

    I started painting in Artrage and it is wonderful for painterly backgrounds, I had some
    problems when I tried to do close up characters
    with detailing, I had to get Photoshop to assist,but it is a great medium in your capable hands.

  5. Hey thanks ATOM - missed your comment! I really must sort out some alerts that tell me people have posted!

    Yeah I mix it up with all kinds of software. AR is excellent for broad, exciting strokes, and Painter and/or PS work well for finer detail.

    I've got some pretty good mileage out of the felt pen tool for detailing in AR. Give it a try!